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V.I. Communications is an authorized distributor and expert installer of customized audiovisual solutions

A/V control systems facilitate centralized management for multiple devices. Our systems enable high quality and reliable video, image, and audio processing for delivering presentations, conferencing (compatible with common video conferencing platforms), and remote education sessions.  


V.I. provides and installs all necessary equipment, including switching devices, encoders/decoders, wiring, and associated network hardware for corporate buildings and academic institutions. 

A smart A/V Solution can boost your company's productivity

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Create a productive space to encourage collaboration, learning, and teamwork 


Infuse technology into lobbies, ballrooms, huddle spaces, conference rooms, and offices


Promote, advertise, and share content across vast distances, regardless of virtual or in-person presence

Customize your A/V Solution


V.I. designs and retrofits conference rooms with connectors, transmitters/receivers, cameras, microphones, etc. for seamless projection by any attendee and effective video conferencing. Equipment can be installed on the underside of the conference table to minimize aesthetic disruption. The equipment can be connected wirelessly to large flat panels for laptop-based video teleconferencing and presentations. Our equipment enables 4K video, embedded audio, and high-quality auto-framing cameras.

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A/V solutions can facilitate distance and hybrid learning for academic institutions. Different cameras can be positioned to capture the instructor in addition to in-person students, and room microphones can be configured to pick up sound and enable discussion between online and in-person students. In addition, instructors have the flexibility to display content on multiple screens and in various locations. 

Networked A/V encoders can handle encoding of video sources such as computers, set-top boxes, and media players to display content such as campus promotional videos, social media feeds, news, weather, sports, performances, event schedules, and cafeteria menus on video walls.  



A/V solutions enable users to share content (e.g., from courtrooms) from computers, media players, document cameras, and videoconferencing equipment. Reliable dual-stream encoders allow a single device to stream two sources at the same time, reducing system complexity and providing an accurate image (e.g., to allow lawyers to present and the judge and jury to view). 


Hospitality and Retail

V.I. installs equipment for taking content from input sources to project onto digital signage, such as dynamic videos, advertisements, and entertainment for customers and guests.  


AV Installation Services

Audio and Video Solutions: 

  • Auto-framing cameras and microphones or bluetooth speakerphones provide high quality audiovisual performance within meeting spaces.


AV Control, Room scheduling, and Device Management:

  • Single, networked processor to serve multiple AV systems simultaneously

  • Touch panels and keypad controllers for users

  • Appropriate converters, emitters, cables, adapters, and wall mounts 


Image Presentation and Multi-view Processing:

  • Decoders enable multiple image sources to be presented on one display via quad, side-by-side, or picture-in-picture view. 

  • Networked encoders offer video wall, multi view, and high-resolution image processing

Presentation and Video Conferencing Tools:

  • Direct wiring from meeting table to display to deliver presentations and video conferencing sessions

  • A/V Switchers enabling user flexibility of connecting multiple AV sources to different displays

  • In-table wall plate transmitters to discreetly connect a speakerphone and laptop for videoconferencing

  • USB switching and extension products to create audio, video, and distribution systems compatible with common video conferencing platforms

  • Extender kits for 4K/UHD AV signals to boost video transmission and image integrity and quality 

  • Beamforming microphones can be discreetly mounted into your conference/training room ceiling to offer state of the art audio capture capabilities

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