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V.I. Communications is a fully licensed, and insured contractor. Our years of diverse experience and team of highly trained field technicians translates into seamless, efficient networking. We take the confusion out of your hands and place it into the hands of our skilled installers. We look forward to the opportunity to share our many years of success with yours.


Our quality promise stems from a commitment to value our clients. We reward creativity, safety, and work pride that advances new ideas and solutions, and we encourage leadership via training and mentoring. This approach equips our team to handle a wide range of projects and challenges with ease and efficiency. By investing in our team, we invest in you!


At V.I. Communications we believe that safety is more than just an obligation, but a fundamental way of doing business. Our safety standards continually provide training, and employee mentoring with cutting-edge technology. We are very proud of our 20 plus years of a zero-incident record.


Our leaders care about others first: To always conduct ourselves with tolerance and integrity; displaying empathy, care, and concern for the needs of our clients and our team. At V.I. Communications we believe in putting other’s needs before our own gains in a transparent environment in order to provide an unparalleled positive experience.


Certified technicians specialize in the installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of cabling systems. They are trained professionals who have obtained certifications in cabling systems. These certifications demonstrate their expertise in various cabling types, including copper, fiber optics, and wireless communications.

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